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Self Destructive Saturday

Queen4JGro's picture
on July 24, 2010 - 9:51pm

I am my own worst enemy. I took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast. THE BOY wanted a new bike helmet because his other helmet was stolen. If it was left on his head, it would not have been stolen. Off to the bike store I went after breakfast.

When I got home, I sat at the computer, THE TODDLER and his mother went down for a nap, THE BOY went to the skate park and THE MAN came home from the fireman tournaments. I went into town to look for a new chair for THE MAN. I picked out a couple of Flexsteel brand recliners and drooled over the new flooring and wall tiles. Went to another store and bought a couple of plants. Came home. Cooked filet mignon for THE MAN.

In between all of the household activity during the day, the kids kept the door open from time to time and the dogs got out and the flies came in - over and over again.

After dinner I finally got in the garden. My special sidekick - THE TODDLER - also my able bodied assistant, kept wanting to go in the house so I had to help him. I got one post in the ground out of about 7. Raspberries did not get picked. Garden did not get watered. Did not get to the blueberry patch - again.

Tomorrow is going to be Super Sunday. I can feel it now. I am writing a list with a time frame for each activity. What gets done in the time gets done. Anything left will have to wait until Monday.

I'm off to bed. Nighty Night!

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