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The Heat

Queen4JGro's picture
on August 1, 2010 - 10:23am

The unusual summer heat continues. Hot and humid again today but at least there is a breeze. While the heat is wonderful for most, I find it energy draining. So I struggle during the day. Night comes, the temperature is right for me and I feel like working around the yard. I would suppose that I would feel different if I did not work M-F, 8-5 or so P.M.

I find the media to be so desperate to find something about Josh. The pap or somebody took a picture of him with Selma Blair, maybe, buying a ticket or tickets at the theatre to see Salt. Give it up! Sometimes I think photos are arranged by the manager and artist for publicity.

I have noticed in Twitter that Josh has been responding to more followers "tweets". Good thinking! If you want your followers to buy your music and go to your concerts you have to put yourself out there a little.

I have been spending more time listening to Josh's first cd "Josh Groban". The music is so beautiful, of course. The voice is the voice I fell in love with before I heard his music in Closer and Awake. He truly has the voice of an angel.

It has been a long haul waiting for his new album. With the information Josh gives us here and there about making the album, I have found I never realized the complexity and time consuming efforts it takes to put out quality music. He has been working so hard to get it all just perfect because nothing else is acceptable. I honor him for that.

Peace and Joy,


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