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The power of Josh

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on August 6, 2010 - 2:11am

In lieu of writing a new story I would like to share an old one. I have written before that Josh, through his voice and music has greatly improved my life. From the first time that I watched the “Awake Live” DVD I felt comfort as if embraced by a dear friend; one who knew the pain that I had endured, the loss, and the life fading from my soul. He sang from his heart and had matured in a very short time. That is when I wrote my first poem as I saw Josh had “Become a Man”. I have been a fan of Josh since the Allie McBeal Show and his albums have all been spectacular, but as I watched and listened to his amazing Awake Live DVD I felt the messages in his songs. I gained strength to face past experiences and I was inspired to write about my past, people and feelings. Stories to painful to read were transformed into poems; one of them is, “Surrounded by my thoughts of you”; which is about a loss through death. I recently posted this poem on this site for the Mandela family for their tragic loss.

Below is another example on how Josh inspired me to write. On the Awake Live DVD, behind the scenes, Josh spoke of how lonely it is while on tour. I thought; that is just not right, he gives so much comfort, he cannot feel lonely and I wrote the poem…

“You’re never alone”

There must be times you feel alone
Isolated from all you’ve known
And when you do just stop and think
You’re not as alone as you may believe

Search your soul and you will learn
In your heart I’ll always be
To let you know you’re not forlorn
When you’ve got someone like me

When you’re feeling down and out
Just raise your head, close your eyes
Search the shadows of your mind
And you shall realize
You’re never alone with me

You’re not as lost as you believe
Ask your soul to let you know
And be assured that you will feel
That you can count on me

I’ll hold your heart to ease your pain
Soothe and warm your soul again
With my comfort you will know
Throughout the day or dead of night
Driving rain or shining bright

I’m the one who told you so
I’ll touch your heart and hold your soul
So you will know you’re loved once more
And you’re never alone with me


Photo: Yosemite Falls song bird
JR © 2010 poem/photo from the manuscript; Bittersweet Emotions

I am flattered by being asked if I am a professional writer and must answer truthfully with, no I am not. But I have arranged several of my poems along with my photographs to represent each poem into a book. A book of positive transition from sorrow to happiness and personal healing that would have never happened without Josh. And because Josh inspired me to write; I have dedicated my book to Josh and sent it to him.

The power that Josh holds within his voice and music is sensational. I am absolutely looking forward to not only his new album but his concert tour as well, because Josh Groban is a “Must see” performer.

Congratulations on your new album Josh! And know that when you're out on tour, there are so many with you.

Take care, always be well and safe!

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