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on September 1, 2010 - 3:44pm

Home today. Got sick during the night and did not sleep well.
Feeling better so back to work tomorrow.

Meeting with my son's teachers and principal tomorrow at 12:30P. I should not have to do this. However, for my son's benefit I have to. I had huge ideas and plans for the beginning of the school year. I was going to have a folder about my son prepared with articles about the disorders we currently know about and how to work with him. However, my desktop has not seen the Virus Doctor yet and my laptop cd drive does not work so I can't load the printer software and use the printer. And, my laptop is slower than snail snot. I will do what I can.

I have not broken the news to my son yet that he has the teacher he did not want for the second year in a row. I feel like we get the short straw. My friend's son is in with the teacher my son wanted,just like last year. She said my son is in the class with all of the smart kids. They are all smart.

Well I hear the 3 year old yelling at my son who is baby sitting while my daughter is getting her hair cut over an hour ago. Just trimmed on the ends = my butt............. She probably went shopping. Who knows. She exhausts me.

I am going to haul a couple of boys in the house for dinner.

Happy hump day everybody.


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