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my holiday weekend

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on September 7, 2010 - 12:16am

every year, we use the bulk of our tax return to do something to the house---updating, repairs, replacement--something. this year, we got new windows for the house. not only did the house need them, but we're taking advantage of a tax credit for buying certain windows that reduce energy consumption. it's a win-win. so we had a guy from the local window place come out and measure, and three weeks later, we got our custom windows.

my HOG used to be in construction....he has the knowledge, but not always the drive, and often, our projects take way too long to complete. he doesn't like to hire others to do things, and rarely does.

so, he decided to install the new windows. a former neighbor does it for a living and with his advice, we felt confident in getting them in ourselves. it's not a big undertaking---we only have six windows on the existing house, and two in the addition, but we did not get windows for the addition, pending our next big project in there. so, we started in the back of the house, and like painting, the time involved is in the prep and finish. the windows just popped right into place. we did two of the back bedrooms, and then went to our room, popped out the old windows, and.....they didn't fit. something to do with the sill. so, we have no window. we put up a smelly dropcloth and because of the holiday weekend, are living with it. today, we got to work on the big window in the living room. it's 8 x 5 feet, and the new window weighs over 200 lbs. we were having all of the kids over for a bbq, and thought the boys could help lift that sucker into place.....but, again, it won't fit...this time, it was just measured wrong and is too big to fit in the frame. so now we have this 40 sq foot hole in our living room wall. and you know how i've talked about our unseasonale summer---with the damp fog that comes in every night??? so, it's really chilly in the living room. we were afraid to try the other two front windows because they have the same sill as our bedroom, and we didn't want more gaping holes in our house. if they have to order new windows, it'll be another 3 week wait. i'm hoping the guy who came to measure gets stuck installing them. if he has to cut off parts to make the too-small ones fit, we don't want to be the ones who possibly void any warranty on them. if he has to take a Sawz-all to the frames that are too small, so be it. he is the store's guy for window measuring and installation, so the responsibility is on his shoulders.

and then, today, my vacuum cleaner exploded...not just the bag, but the actual casing and motor. i was on the floor, cleaning the baseboards behind the couch and it just made a big pop and then, plastic shrapnel went flying. i really don't know what happened, but we just took it to the trash and tossed it. there was a big hole in the backside, and a chunk of the motor casing had also broken off and was banging around inside. i hated the thing anyway. it was the loudest vacuum i've ever heard and didn't work well enough to compensate for the noise. so, tomorrow, going to check and see what Costco has to offer... sears has a Dyson canister on sale (i hate uprights, and my HOG insisted we have uprights, so we've gone thru a series of them and i put my foot down and said i wanted a canister vac again). My first vacuum cleaner was a little Kenmore canister model i paid $70 for, and it ran like a champ for over 10 years. it was faithful, cleaned well, and was very portable. i still miss that little thing!

and, my water heater's pilot light keeps going did this before and i don't remember what we did to correct it, but if it keeps up, we may need a new one of's not too old..maybe 4 years.....and i have that dumb "Check Engine" light going off in my car all the time...i hooked it up to my daughter's boyfriend's diagnostic thingies, and it said the #4 sparkplug is misfiring, or, it's the coil, or the wires, or the catalytic converter (but i doubt that cuz i just had it smog-checked and it passed, no problem). the air bag light is also on, and i have no horn, but the fuses looked okay...i may change them all just to see if it helps.

when it rains it pours (oh please, no rain! i have no windows!!!)

so, how was YOUR weekend???

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