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on September 16, 2010 - 9:33pm

I had most of my journal written and then got off track, my computer got off kilter, pulled up an unwanted pop-up - I am still having problems, and I lost the FOJG site. Oh well, I will start all over.

Today was the big day for David's testing. I messed up, of course. I did not get up on time so we were late. I did not fill out the forms, so we were late seeing the doctor. Needless to say, my procrastination put the doctor behind one hour. Even so, I think everything was accomplished. Now, I need the teachers imput and we will see him next week and the first week of October.

Filling out the paperwork for the doctor was a little painful. I can't help but feel at fault for David's problems, almost like a cancer mass destroying everything in it's path. I am my son's worst enemy. Enough said.

David and I had a pretty good day. I love being with him on a one-on-one basis. We went to a small skateboard shop and he asked the salesman quite a few questions. I was so impressed. We found out that the salesman has skateboarded all over the country and that skateboarding is very popular in Portland, Oregon! He said they had the best skatepark. Sounded like extreme sports to me, but something David and I would love to see and watch the extreme boarders. Speaking of boards, we found out that some boards in the shop were made by someone in Marquette, Michigan, which is where we were, and they were made of hard maple. The designs were burned and the grip tape was sprayed on. I was so impressed.

I have been encouraging David to build his own skateboard since he is very talented working with wood, we have more than enough wood around us, and he has a good eye for design. It would be a fun project if nothing else.

Josh looks so excited and happy bringing the instruments into the children. He is a very giving and caring man. The children must be so excited and the teacher speechless.

I listened/watched Josh on the radio program from today. He is so handsome. I love it when he is too lazy to shave. He did a great job, I laughed and smiled a lot. I was very excited to hear him answer our very own journal buddy StraightArrow's question. At least one of us was mentioned! Yea!!!!!!!

I thought I heard Regis and Kelly mention Josh Groban being on their show tomorrow. I looked on their site and I was so wrong. It is Josh Brolin. Well, I don't have to record the show. I did, however, email Regis and Kelly and ask when they were going to have Josh on to sing one of his new songs from Illuminations.

I must get my butt in bed. It has been a long day and tomorrow the SWAT crew will be in the office before they go out on a few home calls with one of our agents. I really should have my picture taken with the SWAT Team just for memory purposes. I'll have to take out the office camera.

Josh and I have to sing now..........Night Nite.


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