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a little bit lost

lindyjean's picture
on October 2, 2010 - 5:07pm

i still can't find the link that lets me access everyone's journals....i have to make my own post before i can get in.......anyone able to help?

i'm putting up halloween decorations.....never mind that my youngest child is going to be 23 in a few days....i'm the big fan of the holiday and my house reflects it. i have more stuff than anyone should have, but it's from 30 years of assembling things and not being able to part with much. it's like my josh's too, too much.

last weekend, we had record-breaking heat---i whined about not having a summer and then i got one---condensed into four days of incredibly suppressing heat. now, it's cooled off and we have been getting intermittent rain, courtesy of some monsoonal moisture coming up from Mexico. no thunder or lightning for me yet, but hope springs eternal. it will make my day if we get some electrical activity.

my friend is still in the hospital, still on a ventilator, and not conscious. so, she's kind of in limbo right now. i do not hold out much hope that she will ever be the woman i once knew. i just hope she's at ease and that her husband is right there on the other side, waiting to give her a big hug if she crosses over. i know barb will love being with her beloved Bob again.

now i'm going to see if i can read YOUR journals.

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