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Blocking the Path to Failure

Queen4JGro's picture
on October 24, 2010 - 12:54pm

The list is long: Inattentive ADD, serious Anxiety Disorder, poor working memory, Sensory Integration Disorders, Defiant Disorder. 5th grade son's math level is 3.2.

I have been struggling for six years to get academic by jumping through all of the loops, hoops and climbing the chain the command. My answer to the perfect solution: Starting with pre-school, start screening for disorders. There are many disorders that can be caught at a very early age. The earlier disorders can be diagnosed, the sooner children can be helped.

I just see disaster after disaster. Children fight parents, Parents fight with children. Parents seek help from teachers. Teachers want medical documents before they help students. Students have testing done, and this could take a few years. Children fall behind in school. Teacher and child are very frustrated. Poor grades. Help is sought from medical staff and principal. It goes round and round and round. Guess who gets help in the end? Not the child. The ugliness continues. Where I will go next? I don't know.

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