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Saw the man, said something, forgot what I said... LOL!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 4, 2007 - 10:31pm

I came to LA from Seattle,what a journey!...
It was all SOOO worth everything! 30+ hours on a bus...

Saw him at the Staples, WOW!!
After Lucia played, he appeared from the back to one side of the seats,passed by the aisle close to my seat, and passed beside me, got to touch his left arm... SOOO SOFT!! (could i get sillier than this?, This isn't me... i'm acting like a teen...)

The best of all though, was two days after at the Jimmy Kimmel show... , and didn't even olanned on going there! it was so sudden, there i am on the H Blvd. and this girl comes to me and asks if i wanna go to the JKS "YES! I DO!!" (i knew HE'd be there!)

After the mini-concert(he sang 5 songs!)saw a group of women at one side of the building, and went there out of curiosity... turned out HE was gonna go out, so i waited... could take a picture of him so close!! (not with him though, get his autograph and talk to him!!, saw him in front of me!!. He even sang a little bit of "The Prayer", without all the amplifying, the speakers... a capella... he sounds... Heavenly!!, even more perfect!!!... Can there be such a thing?! Yes!!, when it comes to HIM it can!!

This trip was the best thing ever happening to me since... No "since"!, just... the best thing!! plain and simple.

Edit. NOW that I think of it, yes, it WAS great, but not THE best thing ever. Though the trip itself, and the adventure of it, and getting to know a new place! THAT was wonderful! California, I will go back, it's promise! and that time not scraping the pennies together... lol...

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