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Missing Lucia

straightarrow372's picture
on November 16, 2010 - 7:53am

Realizing Lucia is not there on the Ellen clip or the GMA clips.


She was *so* exciting in her playing. Her bowing really was unprecedented. My parents were classical music fans. I got sick of classical music. I said that if I never heard another violin it would be too soon. Then I heard Lucia and that all changed. Her sound was tranformational, transcendant, exquisite. She was part of what made *Josh* exciting for me. No other violinist has ever been able to do for me what she did. When I hear Joshua Bell playing, for instance, it's just not the same. Just not the same.

I like Tariqh, too, but -- without Lucia? It's just a bit duller, more business as usual. Just a bunch of guys up there making money off women who can't really afford it and probably shouldn't be spending the money in the first place (like me).

I do hope Josh will try to get a zhonghu player, like he tweeted once. That would be interesting. I once sent Josh a link to a really great Chinese/western fusion group playing in Beijing and featuring a fabulous young zhonghu player. I wonder if he ever followed the link.

I wonder if Josh is still interested in international fusion. That was one of the things I loved about his earlier albums -- and the African Awake! stuff. The new album doesn't seem to have as much international fusion, only "Voce Existe in Mim," though I guess they said there were some Celtic mandolins. My ear wasn't sharp enough to pick them up, though.

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