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tour question

straightarrow372's picture
on November 20, 2010 - 8:26pm

Josh asks what I want on the tour. I offer an opinion. Is this the correct process?


Did I know I wanted to hear Lucia Micarelli play the violin? Did I know I wanted to hear Angelique Kidjo? Did I know I wanted to hear Josh Groban?


Josh knew better than I did what I wanted to hear. Josh knew these things, because he has a deep musical intuition and an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Josh knew what would sound exciting, because he was so well versed in music and he knew how to tweek things to be fresh and new. I don't have these advantages.

There is a saying that if you know better what someone wants than they know themselves then you can enslave them.

Quad erat demonstratum, Maestro! (mixing languages here)

Follow your gut, Josh. It's been pretty good so far. Better than what I could have done, certainly.

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