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Paying Josh Forward

Boadicia's picture
on November 30, 2010 - 7:09pm

I noticed at work today one of the many joys of being a "Josh Groban fan". The joy of paying it forward. Spreading the Josh as they say. My cubicle mates were absolutely beside themselves that they heard Josh was going to be on tv tonight and they got to tell me.Im sure they watched it just to see him and will come to my desk tomorrow all glowy and loving him. And Ill say 'yep hes pretty good isnt he' as if it had anything to do with me! A couple weeks ago when the Minneapolis star Tribune had a really nice big article on Josh one of them brought it in to work for me. when Josh's christmas cd came out a bunch of them actually bought it, they loved it so much when I played it at work. But more than that they and other friends of mine are so excited that Josh is out on TV and they may hear him on the radio and think of me, and call, or facebook me that they noticed Josh Groban and thought of me, knowing his music makes me happy. Theres some kind of String theory here, some kinetic energy exchanged. The new cd is called Illuminations, I wonder if he sees the inner glow of people when they listen to his voice and are calmed. I wish I could tell Josh how his voice, his music gets me through the day sometimes when otherwise I feel like I might not. I am working 2 jobs now, full time still at Aetna, 6 am to 3 pm, then 6 to 9 pm 2 to 3 nights a week at Urgent care receptionist job. Im blessed to have 2 jobs, even with them tho its still a struggle financially on my own. I have my lovely greyhound to get me through too but Josh sure helps some days. I am so thrilled the new cd is out, I love having new Josh music. I love also having my friends share my happiness.

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