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borders chicago

margie76's picture
on December 1, 2010 - 4:09am

hi all, i am going to be joshed for quite some time. chicago was yet another, dream come true. my path to josh this time was a long and winding one. it actually started weeks ago. the scheduler at work asked if i could switch days off and i did. last week SOG called me, "quick, turn on "it's always sunny in philadelphia". they are talking about josh." i flew to TV! the character was josh-crazed. she woke up saying, "GROBAN!" did you see that show? i had gotten home early from work the day that show was on or SOGs call would have gone to voicemail and i would have missed the show. i got right on FoJG after the show, i have not been on here a long time, and i saw the chicago signing announcement. one after another, all the cards fell in place.
left WI at 3:00a. boyfriend got off from work and we went together. when we got there, i couldn't believe how short the line was. i didn't move around a lot 'til we got inside and i got my wristband, i felt josh's hand in mine at that moment, then we walked around and i saw grobies i knew! omj! the next best thing to saying, "hi josh!" is saying, "hi! fill in blank, name of grobie". boyfriend a bit surprised, i knew people and people knew me! lots of them. we were early, early. they showed us where to sit. time went on and pretty soon... JOSH! first in comes his bodyguard, i can never remember his name, then up the escolator(sp?) in a flurry, JOSH! i could see his curls atop first. they ushered him to his spot and he started signing. we were in the second group. we couldn't see josh until our group was in the signing line, but we could hear him. it was like walking, winding thru a big store to see santa. you are happy scared and nervous and hearing him but not seeing him, makes you even more excited. i had a speech written and rehearsed. all my local friends/ family asked,"WHAT are you going to say?" my turn! me, shaking his hand, "hi josh. you give me so much joy, every day. dreams come true." josh, while looking right in my eyes, "aaww! thanks. how shall i sign?" josh personalized one of those CDs! i couldn't believe it because they had told us no personalized. then it was over! i can live on that josh fix a long time.
we went to boyfriend's daughter's office after and it turns out one of his daughter's boss is a big josh fan too. she didn't know he was in chicago. the boss said, "speaking of JG, there's a car in the parking lot with a sticker that says, "i'd rather be at a JG concert"." we laughed. me, "that's my car! i have josh vanity plates too." i am going to help her get to a concert when big tour starts.

JOSHed hugs, margie76

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