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France, Australia & Buzzcocks on Youtube

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on December 23, 2010 - 7:30pm

I am *so* grateful fo international Grobanites who posted videos of Josh's performances in France, Australia, and Buzzcocks (UK) recently. It was so great to have an opportunity to see those things, when I could not find them otherwise on the Internet.

i was particularly taken with the Chabada performance. First, as usual, Josh was so sweet with that older singer who he sange with. Watching her face you could just see her falling head over heels in love with him. Second, I had no clue that he could do Dean Martin. I was floored. He totally went into that style that I had never heard him do before, and did it beautifully. Wow! Third, I really loved the microphone arrangement that they had over the piano there. Josh looked so much more relaxed with the microphone positioned comfortably near him as he sang, rather than leaning forward awkwardly to a microphone fixed to a piano. I think his sound was much improved because he was in a relaxed, natural position, rather than awkwardly glued to an inconveniently placed mic. I hope that when he arranges his tour he can manage to get the microphone on an arm over the piano like they had at Chabada.

Can't figure out why he appeared at an event in Australia that was for singing Christmas carols and did not sing a Christmas carol. Whose crazy idea was that? Did a beautiful job at that, though.

Curiously, the "first listen" thing from the Apple store stopped working while I was listening to it. I guess it was after midnight or something. The malfunction was such that I could also not edit my comments. Peculiar. He sang very lightly for several of the songs, much lighter than I had ever heard him, starting to sound almost like Ben Folds. One fan thought maybe he still wasn't feeling too well, or maybe it was the small hall.

But when he got to "Hidden Away," his voice really rang out. I remember reading an article that said that Rick Ruben chose the songs for the album based in part on how Josh sounded when he sang them. I could really hear that in this performance with Hidden Away, how deeply that song affects him, likely due to whatever personal events prompted him to write it in the first place, of course.

That helped me a bit with that song. I haven't liked it so much, because of the sequence of rough transitions into and out of falsetto, but that time I somehow could feel the emotions behind it a bit better & start to understand why he was making those strange discordant sounds, how they reflected the pain he was trying to express.

I went back to listen to the "Awake" album recently, and I was struck again at how much more cheerful that album sounded than "Illuminations." I know Josh has said that "Illuminations" was reflecting things he was feeling at a particular moment in time, and not necessarily what he is feeling now, but I can't help but worry a bit about him. The music has to come from a deep place in his soul -- and he could, when he clowns around be travelling on that river in North Africa.

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