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Yappy New Year

EstherT1's picture
on January 1, 2011 - 6:15pm

JAKE AND jack the magic Black is bound to enter a new territor from the north! The new world order of comedy central has invaded the world and the fever id soon to spread onto one of the biggest IT center in Poland. The city of Krakow has one of yhe most elegant and exciting theaters. Home of the former Pope John Pole. The people of Krokow are highly styl-ish and uptight. Demarcating the sophisticatef spere and panache of the elite and class concious yuppies and their dogs.

Jake is inspired the Pope Eye as the leading spy who will be the dog whisperer to unlock the mystery of the old and mystical town called the Judges Oak· JAKE AND jack will discover the underground meeting beginning at the library called JAGILLERIAN library! the very footpath of Napolion and Tchaycovski and Chopin!
From the evil of Ghetto's past and the movie of Steven Spielburgh Schindlers list will comes classing to a halt and the healing of lost loved ones and trauma are bound to be recognized and reconciled through the talking dogs and singing puppies who will orchestrate the spiritual blast among the uptight and stiff necked Polish gentry and their Jewish countrrpart!
It's a doggie dog and yuppies world.out there and the music begins

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