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Back to Work

Natticus's picture
on January 8, 2011 - 12:15am

alright, well I'm headed back to Vancouver.

An update:
I finished my first semester at Capilano. here's my final animation: I am so sick of that bear and that music...... ugh..

So i'm heading back on Sunday. Not looking forward to it, i've realized what a homebody i am. Love my home, dont want to go to the big annoying city again.... but i suppose i must. :I

I'm hoping this semester will go by faster than the last. I also will have some financial difficulties, which will not make the semester any more fun, but I'll live...hopefully! My Ma and Pa are super awesome and help me which is embarrassing but yay for the rents, cause i would not have any food or anything if it weren't for them.


bye Alberta, i'll be seeing yeah soon!

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