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on January 14, 2011 - 7:34pm

Dear Josh,
Hi! You should know by now but I will be your wife one day! But first I need a job in NY so I can support Geno and the block! Is it too much to ask? I already drove P Diddy to the get go and I'm working on more ideas for New Shows like Bee have Reyhave For Free. I want to heal the world like Hoodna, rally the RoyalTease and Sway the Politicos with xpressive comedies and cane the commerTI-al industries for your sake. I' m already blowing the minds of Time magazine and New York Times thanks to all your lovely words and sox watching suggestions, I' ve lost trac of logic and developed kidology and judication of the gents in the most wrap around fashion. Now Sara Phalen is writing on her hand!
I know you don't remember me! I only made over 200 hutube videos 4. You-manities sake! l will be a nun soon if dark Vader never calls me!
( warning: @vobe information if not to be taken seriously as I do have pride and my kitties -all 30 of them prefers 4 me to be indentures to them 4 the rest of their 9 lives! A job offer from talk show producers are accepted as it is a must to succeed to feed all 9 mission affiliation.)
Plan B - I will be in a Convent and name myself Sister Wanda Beth of Le Hem! Hopefully I don't get knocked up by a Priest from Italy and be a renounced nun with a baby in my arm. I will call her Celeste Sophia and she hopefully don't become a Lady Gaga Liza!

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