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Voce lyrics

straightarrow372's picture
on February 13, 2011 - 10:43pm

Finding myself mystified by the ongoing controversy expressed in the comments below the "Voce" lyric video on YouTube. Various youtubers, professing to be Portuguese speakers, differ as to whether the lyrics are good Portuguese or whether they even make sense. I don't speak Portuguese. I have no clue.

I gather there is some difference between the Portuguese of Portugal and that of Brazil. Perhaps there are also some differences within Brazil.

Here in the USA there are differences between how Caucasians speak and how some African Americans speak. There are various degrees of a dialect known as "Black English" which stretch from a mere southern drawl all the way to the creole named Gullah still spoken by a few isolated folk, particularly on North Carolina barrier islands, allegedly.

Carlinhos Brown, who wrote these lyrics, is a person of African descent. Has he taught Josh to sing in a Black Brazilian dialect? Is that what the controversy is about? Do Caucasians there self-righteously proclaim their dialect superior as is done here? Or is it merely the Portuguese who look down on the Brazilians as perhaps some proponents of Oxford English may look down on Americans?

Is there some linguistic expert out there who can clarify this? Perhaps a little lecture from an appropriate language expert might be posted on YouTube?

The translations on the Internet purporting to elucidate this song, e.g. reveal lyrics of mystical beauty, or so it seems to me -- but then why so many negative reactions? Are those complaining merely insensitive turds who cannot understand poetry?

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