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This Past Year

MaryAwake's picture
on February 14, 2011 - 2:00am

Hey everyone!!
Been a long time since I have been on here!
Cnt believe it's been a year already since my brother's death, but it has...a year on Friday gone to be precise! So much has happened and to be honest a lot of it has gone by in a blur...:(
His daughter, lovely neice is making her Confirmation this year, cnt believe she is 13 already...and heading for Secondary School in September. Hannah is nearing the end of her 2nd year in College, this year has definitely flown by! My eldest daughter, Ali and her husband Carl are trying for a baby..nearly 4 years now since her transplant...another thing that has flown by....:):) And waiting for tour dates from Josh, cnt believe I may actually get to see Josh perform at last...and for very first time too!!! Have been hearing great reports from some friends who have seen him in his BWB shows, wasnt lucky enough to see any myself, but I live in hope of him coming to Dublin this year XX
I believe a Josh show is a once in a lifetime exprience...hopefully I will get to experience it for myself..:)
Am going to see Neil Diamond in Aviva Stadium in Dublin in June, really looking forward to seeing him...havent seen him in few years now, he is a great performer...:)
Joined Weight Watchers couple months ago and have lost 14 pounds already, long way to go, but will do it eventually...hopefully by this time next year, will be at goal!!! Have already gone down 2 dress sizes!!
Wondering what this *big announcement* is that Josh is making today..Tour Dates hopefully, then cn start planning for show and hotel...etc..Hopefully some Grobie friends will come to Dublin and we cn have some fun, love meeting Grobie friends. Met 1 lovely lady last Summer, Her name is Krisz and she is a really lovely person, we got on really well. Maybe she will come over again when Josh comes...:):) Going to meet another friend from Twitter, altho he not Grobie, in Dublin in couple of weeks and another Grobie friend next week, when she over for conference..:) Cnt wait to meet as many Grobie Friends as I can...great ppl, brought together by amazing man...JG!!!!
Ok! Gotta go and make with the housework, unfortunately , like time and tide, housework waits for no-one!!!

Lots of Grobie Love and Hugs

Mary!!! <3

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