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I must share this…

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on February 14, 2011 - 4:41pm

Two things happened today; Valentine’s Day, that made me happy. The first was to see Josh sing on The Today Show and announce his 2011 “Straight To You” World Tour. The second; after work I picked up my mail and there it was… finally after waiting almost an entire year; I received from the Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office; the Copyright Certificate for my book.

This is major as this book is such an accomplishment for me; I am thrilled and in (happy) tears. Plus, receiving the certificate could not have happened on a more meaningful day than this day of love because it was Josh, whose love through voice and song inspired me to write. To explain further I have included a part of the dedication page from my book.

I dedicate my book to Josh Groban, singer, songwriter, and performer

Your captivating voice and love for music touched my heart at a crucial time in my life as I felt the powerful message in your songs. Your unique style and comforting songs have shown true compassion which empowered me to face the most distressing experiences of my life and inspired me to write about them. Transforming my memories and feelings into poems has been an emotionally healing experience, and I have only you to thank for that. Your consoling songs have saved me from the sorrow that was slowly and painfully consuming my life. Your kind and gentle soul shines through your songs; you have made my world a brighter place and made me feel happiness again. It is from my heart and soul that I thank you for your inspiring songs. ~

Is it coincidence to receive my certificate today? Perhaps, but ever since Josh inspired my writing there have been many positive coincidental Josh related experiences in my life. This one I wanted to share with the few of you who have enjoyed my poems.

Josh, once again I thank you for creating happiness in my life through your magnificent work that inspired me, and once again I have to let you know that you have. “Illuminations” is a phenomenon and I look forward to seeing you on your “Straight To You” World Tour. I send love from my heart to yours as I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! ...Cheers to us both!!

Take Care,

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