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on March 2, 2011 - 12:44pm

I really prepared HARD AHEAD OF TIME so that I could get a Front Row VIP Package for Josh's concert in Phoenix, AZ on Aug. 19th. I practiced using the presale links on FOJG ahead of time so that I could see that the links went straight to Ticketmaster which I already have an account with and was kept logged into. Ticketmaster used to be very good at looking at seating charts for events and telling you exactly how the seating arrangements are; ie how the seats are numbered, where they are in relation to the stage, etc. So I stupidly talked to a customer service rep last night about the seating chart for Josh's concert instead of calling the venue. I was told, and it was also on the Ticketmaster website, that there were 2 rows in front of row 1--rows AA and BB. Since I was aiming for a Front Row VIP Package, I assumed then that when I went online the minute the presale started (which I did--10:00am MST right on the dot) I would need to look for either section AA or BB. WRONG! I got Front Row section B immediately and got confused thinking that Front Row would be either section AA or BB so I scrambled around trying to figure out what to do and lost my Front Row section B seat. It was mere seconds for me to figure out that I needed Front Row section B to be center stage so I moved like lightening to get a crack at another Front Row section B seat. No luck. All I could get was Front Row section A seat 1 so I grabbed it. Why I say no luck is that Front Row section A seat 1 is the FURTHEST seat in the Front Row away from center stage. The less expensive "bleacher" seats are right across from my seat. I confirmed that this was correct by calling the venue. I am so upset about the whole thing. If I had called the venue last night, they would have told me the best section was B and I wouldn't be here sadly typing this. Sure I complained to Ticketmaster, but of course, they can't give me back that original ticket I had for FRONT ROW section B, although I think they should take responsibility for their actions and somehow get me that seat back! I really didn't want anything to ruin my chances at a good ticket. I tried so hard, but this is really bumming me out and now I don't feel any joy about going to the concert. The only thing that could make me feel better would be if I was picked for a MEET & GREET WITH JOSH (hint, hint)!!! So whoever's out there reading this that can make that happen--PLEASE, PLEASE DO IT! Make a very unhappy woman HAPPY again.

P.S. You might think Front Row VIP Package--what is she complaining about! Well, I may have a Front Row seat, but it's FAR away from center stage where Josh tends to spend most of his time. Will he come to the end of the stage where I will be sitting at all? I sincerely hope so because that VIP Package was the most expensive one and I really didn't have that kind of money to spend, but I really, really wanted a Front Row seat very much so I could see Josh well. So please JOSH--DON'T STAY CENTER STAGE MOST OF THE TIME--MOVE AROUND THE STAGE SO THOSE OF US WHO AREN'T IN CENTER STAGE SEATS CAN SEE YOU IN FRONT OF US!!!

Very Sadly Yours,
Andi :-(

See this picture below? Even Elf Prince Legolas Greenleaf from Lord Of The RIngs is grieving for me over this situation.

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