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Panic to party!

sweetsong34's picture
on March 3, 2011 - 1:02am

Now that was an interesting presale. Here's my story:

I had to buy tickets while at work. This wasn't easy considering it all had to be done under the radar. My boss is great, but I would probably get the pink slip if he found out I was buying tickets using the company network. I don't want to disappoint him, but I didn't want to miss the presale either.

Getting tickets during work was an experience. I answer phones all day, so I was hoping it wouldn't ring. Of course it rang at 9:45. I took the order in record time and prepared for the presale.

At 9:51 the boss buzzes me to see him in his office on the other side of the building. Oh no. I'm glad the meeting was only five minutes, so I raced back to my office, closed the door...nerves...two screens up for two venues GB & ready....refresh, refresh...Go!

10:01, entering codes and frantically looking for tickets...row C?! Yes!, click. Next page...get started on second venue...I hear the business manager's voice. Knock, knock. (No! My heart just dropped. I tried to look calm.) He brought me the mail that I pass out every morning. I say thanks and I'll get to it asap. He asks some questions and I'm sure I sounded like I was in a panic. (All the while I'm thinking I have two minutes or those tickets will be gone) He closes the door part way and leaves.

10:04 Quickly I go back to continue and enter my payment info. The form is a mile long. Aaaa! I can't type since my hands are shaking. Finally I enter all the info and click buy tickets. Success!

10:06 Now for the second venue...enter code, type the security code, wait...seats are way back, search again...and again...and again.

10:08 Time's running out. Wait a minute. What seats did I just throw back? Too late now. The rows have triple letters?! Is that good? I'm too frazzled to count the letters of the alphabet to see how far back the tickets are. Gaaaa! Search again...FFF...ABCDEF, that's 6th row...dead center! Go! Click, click. Done. Whew!

10:10 Still don't know if I should get a ticket for Chicago. Might as well look....check, can't get in, close tab....go to TM, enter codes and search...11th row center! What do I do now...clock is ticking...I just can't make it to Chicago...but how can I pass them up? I can't. I finally decide not to since I already spent more than a week's salary on the other three shows. Can't beat the seats I just got at GB and MKE.

10:20. I go to check my tickets. No email from GB. Did I not get row C? I know I did. I call the box office...closed...text friend about tix. Woohoo! Still jittery like I've had too much caffiene. I'm still in shock. Finally, 11am I call the box office and I really do have tickets.Now I can celebrate...close all windows on the pc.

I survived another presale. I'm really going to see more time...well, actually three more times. I go to the front desk, all is calm, at least on the outside. Inside I'm jumping up and down. The only word for it is giddy.

11:20 The office is quiet. No one knows. Must regain composure. The only trace of enthusiasm is the stupid grin that just won't go away. Now I have to try to work? My brain is jello. Maybe tomorrow i'll be back to normal, but right now I'm enjoying the JRush!

Christine from WI :)

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