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on March 29, 2011 - 1:18pm

News for today!

*Libyan will win and the US is more involved than should have been. I'm still praying for answers what role Libya has.

*Christians and Jews are formulating in the US
*Jews and Catholic are conversing and uniting
*More Yeshiva graduates to the US I predict are coming
*Jews will be performing miracle work and innovation in Japan and many water stricken places.
*As I expect Zaka is taking part on the Japanese rescues!
*More concerts for Israel is underway along with theaters.
*Jews are starting to get goofyer than their American counterparts!

More prayer...
The message of the cross needs to target the Arabs along with the Holy Spirit

Rebecca Black - Friday from Ark Production is prophetic
Ark Production = Noah
Rebecca - Mother of Esau (Arab) and Jacob (Jewish)
Black Friday= Good Friday - Jesus death on the cross
Friday = FR. = Father
Dei = Lamb of God
March 9 = beginning of lent
We are reaching Easter in April 23, 2011
Rebecca Black looks like majority of the Arab girls who come from concervative family! She is relatable.

Friday= is the service prayer day for muslims
Purple = is no longer gay
She stood in front of the tree signifying death of Jesus Christ on the cross!
Getting down on Friday = means 3:00 death Take down the body of Jesus.
"Gettin down on Friday"

The kids are wearing rosaries. What's going on Josh!

I see my friends!

pun = Fun= pun = Fun

I got this you got this
Jesus in the middle of two theives.

Okay that's my interpretation

\(*o*)/ Kisses! Hugs!

"Gotta get down on Friday!"
"looking forward to the weekend!"

fun - fun - fund

She's only 13 soon she will be sophisticated and become a better singer or actress. International sensation.

Where's the rest of my girls Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

I'm still breaking spells lately from the sorcerers! I'm winning already one day at a time!

Partying Partying Yeah!

gotta go down to work hon!


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