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It Was an Accident

Queen4JGro's picture
on April 10, 2011 - 8:46pm

I was half way through my Caesar salad and my friend started telling me about the adventures of mass last night. Her 11 year old son has been an altar server for a few months. She was so proud. Then ...........................

At 4:30P mass on Saturday, her son B. was up at the altar listening to Father say the mass. B. stood there with his hands folded. Then he started to lose self sooth by swaying back and forth, back and forth. Focusing started to be an issue and he began looking all around as if the congregation was there to see him. He gave his mom a little side wave and smiled. If that was not enough, he scratched his butt and picked at his nose. My friend was in horror. She felt as if the congregation was watching her son and not listening to Father say the mass. Why would she feel that way?

Mass was just about finished. The altar servers went toward the back of the church to get the cross and candles to carrying down the aisle, Father started giving the list of announcements. My friend said the alter servers were not coming out. Father kept talking. No alter servers. At 5:30P, the bell in the tower ran. The bell never rings at 5:30 p.m. Father took it as a hint that he was talking to long. The congregation laughed. My friend knew. The congregation knew. That bell did not go off all by itself.

After mass, B. met his mother in the back of church. She asked him if he knew why the bell rang. "Well" he said, "I leaned up against the wall. I did not know there was a button on that wall. It was an accident."

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