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countdown to Straight to You Tour

undelfin's picture
on May 11, 2011 - 11:20am

When Josh was doing the Awake tour I was in the process of moving back to Texas so I could not go. I was so disappointed. I patiently waited for his new Illuminations cd and for him to announce his tour. As soon as the first Straight to You tour dates were announced I purchased front row tickets. I was super excited!!! Even though I will have to travel I know it will be worth it.

Later they announced more dates and cities, so, I got tickets for another concert in a city closer to where I live. I could not stand the idea of knowing Josh Groban being in concert close to my city and me not being there.

My wait is almost over, in just a few days I will be enjoying listening to my favorite singer Josh Groban.
I hope I can finally meet him and take a picture with him ;-)

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