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Straight to You!

EstherT1's picture
on May 12, 2011 - 10:55pm

It was a monumental experience to be at the Straight to You Tour. I finally got to feel Josh hand. Rough but very brave. I'm not sure if he does any hard work but that hand always at work. I could have kissed each one of those fingers.

The concert had a great built up from the beginning to end. I was front and left but of course doubt Josh really recognize people from this site. I had a piano tie just to go with "Play Me!" My mask is in the bag but I don't want to look too cheesy.

I love all the song played, Changing Colors, Alejate, Weeping, Machine, till You raise me up! Like most I feel that it's impossible to fully behave with your thoughts when one has the liberty to fantasize in concert. If only I could run my fingers through Josh hair and elsewhere. No stop and behave yourself little girl. LIfe is not a bed of roses.

Front row seat and I missed the silver bracelet and tote bag. I can manage without them. I missed any photo shoot since I lost my phone and now I only have my memory to recall this event.

NOLA is a success...Texas sure will be amazing even if I can't make it. It's hard to know what to say here when one has no idea what the person on the other side thinks. Well, in someone read this...Just know that wish Josh and the rest of the Grobanites, concert audience great blessings and awe inpiring music to flow through and magnify everyones skills, aspiration and families.

As for me, I will forever just wonder what was real and not in the last 8 months of my life pre and post twitville! I'm sure it's not just me but the blue light sure shined my way. I hope I didn't look like a fire hydrant. If my memory serves me right...Josh is a darling, beloved of all, my dream real and ever so far away. Like a long lost love one...this gives me an emptiness...that jaded feeling that one must live through in life. The pain of insignificance...pain of sorrows flight...dawn of delusion...sadness in truth...the depth of reality too rough to face.

If crying could cure all uncertainty...I wish to cry my heart out and break down...still I find that a Force keeps me strong...There is no other choice if one wish to accomplish the inevitable. I no longer ask the question why when it comes to sad things and restless soul's yearning. I'm an instrument of whom? for whom? for what? for real or not but definitely for the good.

The mystery lies in not knowing for sure. My life is a's ending will take place but I don't fully know the journey...Each step mysterious and real as the other.

If I could describe the concert in a few words. It's simply this...Inspiring and wholesome; majestic and humble; bright and brilliant.


I just lost an iphone and feels completely vulnerable. I pray I'd find it again at least to get all my phone contacts. I'm soo off and couldn't even take photo at Josh Concert. One more act of senseless mistake. Thank G-d for a great memory and a memorable concert for a lifetime.

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