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Memorial Day Weekend

Queen4JGro's picture
on May 29, 2011 - 9:26am

Memorial Day Weekend: To many, this is just another couple of days off of work. For me, it is a family tradition with my parents to go to the cemetary where some of the relatives on my mother's side are buried. Stories are told, questions asked and answered. My children and now grandson, even though he is only three, are blessed with knowledge of family backgrounds, WW II stories and we all enjoy each others company. My children have gone with them for many, many years and now my grandson, their great-grandson, has also started going along. After placing flowers, unfortunately artificial because the deer eat every real plant in sight, the next stop is a place to eat when my dad foots the bill. In his words, "Order what you want, Grandma pays the bill!". This family journey only takes about 3 hours, but is filled with years of memories. Memorial Day weekend for me is not just about remembering my beloved family who have already passed because I think of them every single day. It is about sharing the memories of family who have passed with my parents, children and grandson and creating memories for the future.

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