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more unseasonable weather

lindyjean's picture
on June 3, 2011 - 11:34pm

so i'm a weather geek.....maybe it's because california has so little of it that it intrigues me so....but here we are, it's june, and while summer is popping all over the rest of the country, here we remain mired in something not-quite-spring, not-quite-winter.....we are still having frost warnings---not good for our premier crop of wine grapes---and now, rain is predicted for the weekend. we don't even have our typical june gloom, which actually comes in May and hangs around til mid-july. but we have frost warnings and cool temperatures during the day. it's this whole global warming / crazy weather stuff.....thankfully, we don't have tornadoes as a rule, though one did touch down in northern california last week. we aren't having flooding, nor will it be a threat once our over-the-top snowpack melts (we have too many reservoirs waiting to be filled). this is good news for farmers. we can water our lawns without getting a guilty conscience.

since i don't get to gush about seeing josh anytime soon (mid-august), i'm left to ponder the weather, or fret about an upcoming surgery i have, and i choose not to dwell on that. tomorrow i'm making a too-long drive to the graduation party of the youngest niece, then make the too-long drive back. we will be driving close to 12 hours to see family for 4 hours......i'll have fun while there, but i'm not sure it will be 12-hours-of-driving fun. but we celebrate the as a family should, and i'm grateful to be part of such a drama-free family.

life goes on, rain or shine. i hope you all have clear skies and calm as you navigate your weekend.

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