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Toga and Tassles

EstherT1's picture
on June 14, 2011 - 1:21am

I believe the Caps and Toga are related to the Phylacteries and tassles ( 4 corners of the earth and the people are joined together as one tassles) on the Tallit. You kiss the tassles and put them on your forehead. This is not proven in any of the Etymology I looked at but it sure looks like phylacteries are the upside down cap that goes with the Toga! The resemblances are staggering see pictures below...Now I know why Darth Vader too is wearing a Toga, Cap and He has the Diploma in his mouth! Tallit have stripes and so does Darth Vader mouth. He also have the Star of David triangles but you have to move the lower triangle up.

Darth Vader: "Luke! I'm your Father!"

Luke : " NOoooooH!"

Darth Vader: Look! I'm also your Principal! Here's your Diploma! Come on Up! Don't be scared! I just haven't taken off my Cap yet! Underneath is a harmonica! I know I seem Phoney (symphoney)! I'm really not as bad as djew think I am! The darn outfit is too hot to wear...I can't barely breath so come on up boy! Get the darn diploma before I loose my breath!

FYI I'm also the Me! Ze U Ze! Ah!

W (Shin ) = El Shaddai!

It's just a joke so take get too hung up on it!

My Jokes are Easy
And my Pen is light! (literally)

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