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who else loves QVC???

lindyjean's picture
on July 14, 2011 - 8:10pm

i should never be given control of the remote and be left alone.....i will switch over to QVC during commercials just to see what's being featured, and before too long, i'm wanting whatever it is they're selling. it doesn't matter if it's a Dell computer or a pair of ugly (yet comfy) Birkenstock sandals. Show me two people fawning over it, and chances are, I'll want it. i will get on the computer to order, and something else will catch my eye, and before long, i've forgotten what i was going to buy, and thankfully, end up buying nothing.

i have purchased stuff from QVC maybe ten times in the last 7 years. i do not go overboard and use my children's college fund to buy make-up, glittery Quacker Factory embroidered sweatshirts, or super-thick and luxurious down comforters....i have bought my fake diamond earrings, though (two pair), and a fake diamond tennis bracelet. i love shiny things, but am known to be more than a little absent-minded, so, i need to buy the fake stuff in case i set it down and walk away (i can't afford the real diamonds anyway), or lose the backing to an earring and it falls out. they look good enough unless someone gets up in my face and neck with a loupe and checks them out under large magnification, and if someone gets that intimate with my neck, they'd better buy me dinner first.....ya know what i'm saying???

okay, tonight's big draw was a microfiber super-soft, lightweight blanket. i HAD to have it (even though i have a closet full of other blankets), and it was only $38 for a california king.....i mean, how can i afford NOT to have it???? and then, the 400-count sheets.....perfect! so, i get on the computer and start the process, then, remember those cute ceramic chicken bakers i saw a few months back---polka dotted, in a variety of colors---i wanted the cream colored one with the multi-colored dots, but then couldn't decide if i liked the spice-colored one more.....ended up getting, as i looked at my shopping bag with sheets and the blanket, i thought, see if they still have the polka-dotted baking dish....and THEY DO!!! i read the reviews---something i've learned to do---and some people are very disappointed with theirs, but i go with the majority and submit my order for the spice-colored chicken.....then i go back and check the reviews of the sheets and blanket.....the sheets don't rate very high, so i delete them from the basket, and then think, well, if i don't get the sheets, i shouldn't get the blanket, so i delete i'm finishing up my order, my lone order for the chicken baking dish, i go back and see if i'm definitely sold on the spice color....nope, i decide to go with the cream colored one. i place the order and wonder if i will ever use it at all. it is too cute to hide away in a cabinet, and i have chickens all over my kitchen, so i've decided to follow the lead of another buyer and use it to store my onions and garlic in.

so, now i have to go change the channel cuz i'll find something else i want to buy, and i'm only allowed one useless purchase per paycheck.....i hope i'm not the only compulsive shopper out there....

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