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Climbing the stairs to heaven

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on July 24, 2011 - 12:12am

ET for fun takes a trip to a nursing home. Professor Lee decides to promote inspiration thru the eyes of the Elders among the youth. All 14 students went up the hill into the nursing home with flowers to give to the residents.
Rashid, "Amazing this is up the hill like that Hitchcock movie...The Devil's Hill Road!"
Maduri elbows Rashid, " Rash...Shhh... Please be nice..."
Rashid looks up and photographs the street, " It's Diablo Rd. and we are headed up the hill. It's actually kind of nice.. Lots of plants and a patio! I'd bring my grandma up!"
Jason, " It's Calgary... Rashid...No camera. We are gonna get kicked out! Privacy. Don't take any pictures of these grannies"
Rashid, " It's just the street name...The whole town is called Diabo...Diablo High School...Diablo Professional Apartmetn...Diablo Church?"
Jason, " cousin works here... She lives in Diablo Apartment!" Chuckles

Corrine, " You two hand me your keys!"
Jason and Rashid, " You're so mother superior!" He hands Corrine the keys.
Corrine, " I'll keep the keys till we leave!"
Professor Lee set the ground rules for the students...
Professor Lee, "Pretend they are you and how you want to be treated. "
Lukey pretends to be an old drooling man with a cane.." Hand me my Whiskey!"
Prof. Lee, " This is not the time and please...take this as inspiration rather than a mockery...The skits must give good moral and not downright juvenile! The key is to come up with the skit that brings out the best in the audience about elder folks and keep it intellectual. Come up with good material. No Camera, respect...respect...respect.. We are here to give thanks to these people.. Many of whom were soldiers, mother's father's who sacrificed a great deal for you and me. Give them honor and gratitude! Be a blessing to these folks and learn from their experiences. You will all get to right about their stories but no names and come up with a fictional name and place."

Lukey, "So what do they do here besides keep our grannies? Personally, I'm not sending my grandpop to no nursing home!"
Jason, " I know what they do here, my sister's a nurse and she worked as a CNA...They do rehab and all kinds of fun stuff for them!"
Lukey, " They wanted me to go to rehab but I said no! NO! No!"
Jason, " That's Amy Wineheart...I doubt she'll come here!"
Corrine, " It's not that kind of Rehab... you guys!"
Jason, " Lukey...behave will yah! We already lost our keys...10 Hail Mary's and 5 Glory Beehs!"
Lukey crosses are into prayer and bows down and mimics an English accent, " Forgive me Madamme, I must speak more graciously in your presence!"

The students gathered in the dining room and spent time helping the elders make hats and serve snacks. To their amazement it was actually fun as the elders were happy to have their company. Many have tried to give jokes themselves realizing that the students are part of Comedy skits...
An older gentleman comments, " I multi-task every now and then when you grow old you get to sneeze, fart and pee all at the same time!"
A lady named Ginger says, " Remeber an Apple a Day keeps the doctor away...but...only when you aim it right!"
A sweet lady named Maggie goes, " The first 100 years are the hardest....Then it's all downhill afterwards!"

Lukey whisphers to Jason discreetly, "Down the hill is diablo..."
Jason elbows Lukey, " I thought we were not supposed to make fun of these grannies but I think they like to make fun of themselves!"

Ginger goes, " Don't ever grow old...It's a pain in the butt...I can't stand these old farts....I know I shouldn't say that but really..." Corrine and Maduri couldn't help but laugh... Ginger tells them her little escapes in the mountain back when she was young...
Danny and old Italian patient, " Don't be corrupting these children Ginger..."
Ginger, " I'm just telling them know how to live a full life...I never used see drugs will ruin your life..."
Danny..." Well, you didn't need were as wild as they come!"
Ginger chuckles..."Danni...for a deaf man you sure get nosey!"
A nurse approach Danny to hand him his pills..." It must be drugs doin it to me...I take so many pills and look at me now!"

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