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on July 26, 2011 - 10:13pm

Wanda enters in her Diary an invisible love affair with Diego who has now been busy dealing with wineries all over Spain and France
Something about Marin drives me crazy...I think it's George Lucas or Star Wars pulling me here. No matter what I do I keep getting stuck in this place. Inspiration sure resonates in this place. I would love to be in the Spain and be closer to Diego! But Diego is running around the world like a bunny...I on the other hand have Feelings! I don't want to be left in the field... I prefer the grape groves and the man of my dreams to ...

What's next Josh! It's the galaxy! The tub! I mean the Galaxy tab! The Apple are in demand!

I'm so glad to hear that Diego loves Star Wars! Hey! Lucas Valley is just in my neighborhood. As lead I will be writing my nobel... The Golden Gate bridge is a key element in SF The only saving grace out of all the crazyness. $6.00 and you can cross it! 6 o' clock point up! Arrows are actually a Superman Shin Sign or El Shaddai in Hebrew.

Diego is on demand more and more as the dates come pushing for more changes and renewed spirit. I'll be doing a sexxion on Princess Leah and Doronaughty...I mean session and Dorothy.

Diego is the Lion!

There are 3 kinds of Jews

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