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Denver 2011 Entry 1 continued in Entry 2

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on August 14, 2011 - 1:27am

I've been a Grobanite since I was a wee little thing... well pretty small, anyways, so this moment- my first Josh concert- was pretty huge. I'd been raving about how much I wanted to go for about four years before this. Two years ago for Christmas one of my sisters -the one that introduced me to Josh Groban's music- said that if he ever goes on tour again (we were starting to wonder...) she'd buy tickets for the two of us and we'd go. So as you can imagine, I joined Friends of Josh Groban and watched this website eagerly for tour news. AT LAST! We bought pretty good tickets, just above the floor... and then I waited and waited and waited. I swear, August 12th was never gonna come!!! Sure, I've had plenty of distractions from the anticipation this summer, loads of camping, a month long vacation in South America, a trek across the plains of Wyoming in a pioneer costume. Yes, summer of 2011 has been amazing. And the concert was the perfect way to polish it all off so that I could start preparing myself for what's supposed to be the hardest year in high school, Junior year.

So close!!!
A couple of weeks before the concert another AWESOME fellow Grobanite contacted me about the profile picture I drew and when we got talking about concerts she told me all about what to expect. I couldn't believe that a fan sang with Josh at every concert! And he answered two other questions? DUDE, yes!!!!! EXCITING... like times WaZoO! I had a CHANCE- I realized, to meet him! As the big day arrived my sister and I made really cool- if I do say so myself ;) - tshirts with iron on print paper of his face surrounded by a heart that read "If chocolate could sing, it would sound like Josh Groban." Best description of his voice ever??? I agree! I heard it at the beginning of this long Josh Groban phase of mine and have loved it ever since. I only wish I'd come up with it, it's amazing! The morning after the shirts were completed in all of their fan-tastic (harhar) glory I found myself at my strategically-scheduled orthodontist appointment to remove my braces! Armed with my beautiful new smile I was ready to take on anything, especially this much waited-for concert. Seriously, I'd win him over with my gleaming teeth if nothing else worked. ;)

Tic, Tock, Tic, Tock...
Fresh out of braces, I donned my lovingly-made shirt, carefully curled my hair (I have this strange fantasy about him seeing me in a crowd and calling me "goldilocks" to get my attention. yeah, yeah we all have quirks), and headed to Denver with my mom and sister. My mom insisted on coming under the pretense that she was afraid my sister (who has fainting problems) and I (a die-hard fan) would both pass out. I told her that maybe if we did he'd say hi at the hospital afterwards. Honestly, she just wanted to see Josh, too. Who wouldn't? On the one-hour long drive to Denver I quickly looked up the lyrics to The Prayer to make sure I had them right- just in case. The three of us treated ourselves to dinner at a delicious Brazilian steak-house and I couldn't help but notice that our waiter had curly locks similar to Josh's. But the funniest/awesomest part of eating there was that we met a bus-full of people from a retirement home who had our same destination that night- The Pepsi Center! Hahaha. We finally found ourselves with tickets in hand, waiting in the crazy-long line for the women's bathroom. I was surprised at how fast it was moving, but when I got inside I got it. These are women on a mission. The way they came in and out of the stalls- NOBODY pees that fast. I gotta admit... It was probably record time for me, too. :)

We're here!
Walking into the actual performance area was a pretty awesome feeling. Seeing the "STRAIGHT TO YOU TOUR Josh Groban 2011" flash across the ads through the fog that filled the arena for effect, I was like OH MY JOSH!!! We're actually here!!! It also felt nice to keep walking down, down, down the stairs and closer to the stage where Josh himself would be standing. Soon we were seated, cell phones in hand and feverishly texting "JGDEN.... 148 row4 seat16" questions to Josh as well as bouncing up and down very slightly. The pre-show was amazing! Josh was introduced by the extremely talented Elew who makes piano playing so... intense!!! He doesn't look at the piano, he FEELS it. He manipulates it to comply to his wishes. He even plucked the strings of the exposed grand piano for an awesome effect! He made me think what a beautiful instrument the piano is, and man, how I need to get cracking and start practicing more.

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