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Straight to you tour San Jose, CA.

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on August 26, 2011 - 12:37am

Dear Josh

The concert was a huge success as I watched from my front and center seat at the HP Pavilion on Tuesday August 23, 2011. You and the Groband were beyond outstanding. I thought that since there have been many concert reports detailed to perfection previously that I would post a piece that I have been working on. It is a poem focused around many of your album and song titles; blending them with the colorful emotions painted in your songs, the light of relating to your songs and the tremendous energy felt within your songs, and with musical terms and such. I wrote this piece with you and your band friends, past and present, in mind before the concert. However, I have found that my photos of the STYT concert match my poem quite nicely. I hope that you all will enjoy...

When white light shafts break through

Songs in symphony "Smile"
Prelude "The wandering kind"
Soul's overture in silver sunrays
"Awake" the orchestra’s vibrant array
By the plea of "Hidden away"

Passion lives in "Galileo ~ Someone like you"
"Gira con me questa notte" ~ Walk with me tonight ~
To bring "America" golden dreams alive
As "Vincent" paints the vivid colors of his mind
And cello drones in alto on prism strings
"Au jardin des sans pourquoi" ~ To the whyless garden ~

"Voce’ existe em mim" marches through
Octaves' burst in cobalt blue
"Un dia llegara" ~ One day it will come ~
On flaming thunderbolts "Straight to you"

White light shafts break through "To where you are"
Accompanied by the soft strum of golden harps
And beating drums of the scarlet heart
While amber violins liquid bows sing in harmony
To "When you say you love me"

"Alla luce de sol" shines through a "Higher window"
"You raise me up" on goldenrods
As his palette pitches harmonious hues
Of "You’re still you"

Trumpets ascending pitch from polished brass
To overcome that haunting black "Machine"
"You are loved, Don’t give up"
Felt from his own red blazing heart
Hear the calling "Bells of New York City"

At jet piano composing hands glide
While ebony and ivory keys ignite
Repentant notes he'll sing "With you"
Then tuck you in with a "Lullaby"

"Love only knows" the belting falsetto
Resonance floating on cords of burgundy wine
Then fade to the sorrows of "Caruso"
As we "Remember when it rained"

Bold brave Red White and Blue
"War at home" bears the wound
Of our Purple Heart hero's
Bringing crystal droplets falling
Into deep pools "Weeping" within our eyes

"Changing colors" from burning auburn tones
To shrouded shades of muted red and melancholy gray
Reaching for the hearts crimson
"Un amore per sempre" ~ One love forever ~

Sorrow seeps from profound bronze eyes
Heart aching for a true ruby love to rise
"Canto alla vita" ~ I sing to life ~
From the melodic dream of "Per te" ~ For you ~
For this is "My confession"

Platinum perfection vibrato rhymes
Tells us to "Never let go"
Baritone crescendo thunders
"L’Ora dell’addio" ~ Farewell time ~
To citrine heavens
Commanding "They won’t go when I go"

"London hymn" brings the end
On lightning wings of the Seraphim
"The prayer" for rest and redemption
And everlasting peace within the emerald light of remembrance

"So she dances" through rich concerto fields
"Play me" the docile tunes on the mahogany guitar
"Solo por ti" ~ Only for you ~
"Mia" ~ Never ~ doubting who you are
For these are "Le cose che sei per me" ~ The things you are to me ~

Look "Closer" "In her eyes"
Behold the "Illuminations" of "Verita" ~ Truth ~
Virtuoso reflects radiance while searching for
Un giorno per noi" ~ A time for us ~

And "If I walk away" follow me
Into destiny's prevailing silver composition
But "Let me fall" back into the cardinal arms
That "Feels like home" glowing warm
And "Remember me"
Orchestrated in "February song"


©2011 JR On the poem: "When white light shafts break through" but not to include copyrights on the actual Josh Groban album/song titles in English/Foreign language/~translations~ of said titles.

©2011 JR All Photos of Josh Groban, "Straight to you tour"

Josh, your "Straight to you" concert was my first big tour concert and I feel so honored to have seen you and your band perform the songs that I hold dear. You truly do make the world a brighter and happier place and I Thank you!

Wishing you and your entourage well and in safe hands, always.

With wonderful and lasting memories,

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