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A love family

DottieMae's picture
on August 30, 2011 - 9:31am

I was lucky enough to be at the Mohegan Sun Concert. My sister helped pay for my ticket. Looking around me I saw every person there with the same smile, the beautiful tears and the kind hearts. I am disabled. The beautiful lady sitting next to me could see I was having a hard time and tried to assist me. It is very hard to turn around. I was tring to take pictures of Josh when he wa on the middle stage performing which was three rows behind me. I cannot turnaround and I tried but I am sure I was poking other people trying to turn and navigate my cane and my camera. Everyone was so kind to me. Josh, when you sang Don't Give Up, I lost it. I was sobbing and every time I play that young your voice reches down to the pain and helps me realize I am here for a reason. That beautiful lady I think her name is Lauren held my hand and gave me a hg that I will never forget. This is what being with Groban fans is like. I will never forget you Josh and never forget Laurnen. I got no pictures and she was so kind to email me some. I am so lucky. I am sure many other people had similar experiences. Josh you have brought us all under the swame roof. You permitted us to realize and admit we have feelings and we must own them.
I would love to meet you one day and look into those beautiful caring loving kind eyes. Who knows miracles happen. Love from a grobanie from the beginning.

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