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No More Kids

Queen4JGro's picture
on September 1, 2011 - 9:20pm

Everyday I say, "I'm not have anymore kids. I mean it." I live in the most chaotic house. My daughter calls it "The Farm". The farm consists of two dogs, five birds, a rabbit, two young boys, a 29 year old daughter and The Man who is like a 12 year old kid. My 12 year old son is like the leader of the pack in the neighborhood. Today when I parked the car I saw my son and six boys behind him coming toward our house on bikes. These boys keep my house busy. Crazy actually. The boys drive me nuts with their complaints, whining, tattling, tears and yelling. So, I walk around the house yelling, "I am not having any more kids. I cannot handle one more."

Almost 11 years ago, I had a hysterectomy. Before that I had an ovarian cyst removed. So I can no longer have children. However, you never know about these things so every year when I have a checkup, I tell the doctor to make sure my uterus and ovaries have not grown back. Scary thought.

I better get some sleep


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