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Prayers for Yisrael

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on September 22, 2011 - 10:27am

I am writing this short note simply to proclaim Victory upon Israel. My many thoughts and prayers with my church groups and family. I am so thankful for the love the world has for Israel. There is nothing impossible unto the Lord and I am in agreement along with many others for the solidarity of Israel and the miracles upon miracles that have showered upon the land despite all the piercings and heartaches.

Last night we had a mighty prayer for Israel and the Peace of Israel back home. The Lord is full of Joy and Love upon His Children. In the next few days, healing and blessings will be the theme of prayer. Laughter is the best medicine and if anybody ever doubts the sense of Humor the Lord have then just remembered...
"The Lord created seahorses! "
Abram got the Ha! and became Abraham
Sarai go the H! for Happy and became Sarah!

Many of US got a nickname - "I'm Apple!" because the father wants children to learn to take things lightly and have a good time with their names!

I prayed for laughter for all the Jews! I prayed for the joy of reading the Bible and seeing the characters in a new light! One of joy and deliverance.
I do Go-Spel! It's more powerful than weak wicca!
I never have fear of curses because I have the King in me! And I want all the Jew's to realize the Jew King in them! Be proud and strong in the Lord! Don't forget to laugh! I'm a philosopher at heart this is what I used to tell myself! I love knowledge and it's fun to be knowledgeable. I can still wiggle my butt and sing!

Israel will be in the business of blessing, healing, anointing and impartation of the Holy Spirit that transcends all time!

I am already looking forward to brave new beginning for many Jews and Rabbi! I really love the people. Lately however, I can see my Jewish patients turning into little rabbits! This is really funny! I'm not being demeaning about it but Peter sounds like a Pet! Like Royal Bunnies! Royal Lambs! Royal Phony's! I'm named after an apple and I do see myself like an "Apple" in fact, I bound up and down in my imagination as an apple! I'm also a Horse - Sagittarian (I don't care for horoscopes - just the horse and arch) It's my little alter ego!

We all need to be a little bundle of joy these days and to see the world in a new light playing little cute characters and engaging in songs and dance. We have to be like children once in a while to make it in this world and surpass all obstacles. The Lord is the greatest Comedian! H I'llarious = I'll + Aries = H + I'll + constillation of STARS. The Lord is full of joy and that joy is taken away by bitterness. Boom De Yada. Yada = Essence of God! Knowing God!
Anyhow, the more we meditate on the Good News the more happy we get! Yes the Bible is harsh on sins because it makes all children sad but the Joy is from Hosea = Josea = Joyce! Rejoice in the redemption of the Faithful Husband.

Anyhow this is getting long! The whole point is to send out cyber tickles! The whole world needs cyber tickles and continually add the Lord's name in it! Jews Us! Jews Us! Jesus! Ha! Ha!

The Father has a great sense of humour in fact, as I prayed over NY I can see the face of the Lord smile! Yup! The children wants to call the father a racist! Really!
This is not that big of a problem for the Lord! All we must do is present the problem to Him! We have to obey and stand our ground on solid ground. Proclaim victory and love conquers all things.

Ultimately healing comes with education. Palestinians need good bread! Feeding and blessings will be the new focus of Israel in the days to come! Peace comes with food! Blessed food and bread! Blessed book that is the Bible.
An Apple a day! Keeps the bad fruits away!
I am not fanatic! I'm Fun!At ick! I'm Fun Tast Ick!

Cyber kisses and hugs! \(*O*)/



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