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Beautiful Girl

EstherT1's picture
on September 24, 2011 - 1:05am

Just for fun...I'm done venting...

Walk... a little slower
Lingering sunset.... (Big booty)

Shoot at me (I'm John Wayne)

Wondering rainbows ( lovely sets of rack)

Stars in the Sky
Make my wish come true!

I just love Tonny Bennett and Josh Groban song.

Expect 10 fold. I josh love how Josh gets the job done. Brilliance kept this man from in a niche of his own. Way too many tricks in the bag. A man than can read between the lines, forward and backwards.

I've never taken drugs and I'm addicted to Josh! Yes! I finally admitted it! I've been telling all my friends "he's kinna nice! Nooh! I don't really care for singers! His just to flocken good! Promoting all the kids and stuff! Nohh! I am not that into him! Yah know he's a nice guy!" Yeah I hound him every now and then. He doesn't read anything I write... if he ever did he will cuss me out like Thelma and Louise for making fun of all his bunny friends. Yes I love to pinch all their cotton tails just for amusement. Why not! I put up with Howard Stern as an intern. I put up with flocken Maddogna. I put up with all their Sci-fi movies that I'm sure is so unreal - it's full of subliminal stupidity.

But Josh! Is a different breed of animal...Those doughy brown eyes and puppy look sure makes me melt and mellow inside. That is after all the disappointment of attending concerts where I never get to even get his signiture.

I even went to twitter and manage to advise NY times so they can now make money of all the pressing news and full page Louie Vuitton Bugs. NY Times never gave me any thank yous for using all my ideas. I just had to wish them the best.

Yes, I am the tyrant to told all the homosexuals they are fooling themselves for thinking God made them confuse! They chose to be ignorant of their roles as men and women. Blame it on the devil I say...Josh Groban can handle all the Less-beings. Love them for all they are worth minus the homo.

I even promoted every other starlets for Josh sake and lo and behold they all became very popular like pancakes. I love all the baby believers. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are my girls.

I promoted black jews to step up and caused the riot in Africa...Of course this is not true.

When Israel got in trouble I stood up like an Eagle on Twitter and demanded other countries to step up. Then I blessed all the Jews and multiplied their presence 10 fold. Of course this is not true...just my ego speaking. I only prayed and things happen. I promoted tickles and the Israel went gung- ho!

I promoted Comedy and Jews started parody like parrots on You Tube. Ohh how I love Josh! He gets to control people with his vocal cords. Josh even gets them pregnant at a distance.

(Wow, this sounds completely nutty! Hope nobody reads it! I might end up on cyber jail house.)

Sayonara Anyang Chaggi,


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