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Update on My Chaotic Life !

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on September 27, 2011 - 11:57pm

Been a long time since I have been here.....had probs getting on to FOJG, but that fixed now thanks to Sarah...dont know what we would do without her !!!
Anyway, so much has happed since I have been here last, not least that my HOG and I have split up after being together for 20 yrs and married for 13!! Wont go into details....those who matter know already ( u know who u are) ! Its not easy being on my own again after all this time, but I will survive, have my Grobie Friends and Josh and my will be tight, but what else is new? :)
As most of u already know, Ali ( my eldest daughter) had double lung transplant 4 yrs ago now....and is doing well in college ( in her 4th and final year).....and now they are trying for a baby!!! Because of her op and her Cystic Fibrosis they need a little help in that department and they start IUI Treatent in couple weeks, very nerve-wracking time for all of can I please ask u all for ur prayers for them ?? Thank u!
My youngest Hannah is in her 3rd year in college now....hard to believe but she will be 20 in couple months, seems like no time since I was here writing about her Graduation Party and her 18th time flies..:( Some of her friends have gone abroad to college for this year....Madrid...Budapest and Rome,....lucky them:)
On a Josh note, went to London or the Proms in The Park couple weeks ago....Met some fantastic Grobies and stayed with the best.....Karen...:) She showed me a little bit of London (didnt have much time) which just means that I will have to go back
As u all know, my main reason for going was to see Josh, but as u all know too is that he had to cancel cos he got sick :( Poor guy, he was so disappointed not to b able to sing and to let us down, but the important thing was for him to get better and we all wished him well when he tweeted :)
Even so, a great day/evening was had by all and was very impressed by Catherine Jenkins and Russel Watson....hearing them on tv just doesnt compare to hearing them sing live...amazing! Can only imagine how amazing it will be to hear Josh sing live for first time, which will now happen on Oct 18th in Belfast and Oct 19th in Dublin *yay*:) At last!! Also chance to meet some more Grobies and for one that I met in London a chance to see her again. Will also meet Maureen, who I have been friends with online thanks to Josh for over 2 yrs now...cnt wait!
And on another note...sad and friend online recently lost her Dad....awful time for her and her family, but good news is that she is finally coming to visit me, wont b till May 2012, but SHE IS COMING!!! Cnt wait....she is amazing friend and has been there for me through all the stress and drama and trauma of my life for nearly 3 years now...and I love her <3
Between her and Josh they have kept me going when I wanted to give up....Thank u to both Shirley and Josh u guys so much xx
Have so much more to tell u all, but think this will do for today.....enough to process!! Now that I cn get back on FOJG, I will post again as things progress with Daughter/Son in laws attempts to become parents....*fingers crossed*:)
Bye for now....anyone travelling to Belfast/Dublin....let me know, would love to meet u...:)

Love and Hugs in Josh

Mary xx

P.S I didnt make this pic, so cant take credit for it, but thinks its true for all us Grobies :):)

Also the other pic I posted is of me and Josh when I met him in Dublin at small cd sighing on April 16th day of my life! Such a nice guy...we had a lovely chat...and I got my *Josh Hug* I know what everyone means about his hugs....:) xx

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