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Nassau Coliseum 11.4.11

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on November 7, 2011 - 6:42pm

Josh’s concert at Nassau Coliseum, on Friday November 4, 2011, was my favorite one yet. This was truly a perfect day and I could not have had it any better. I love the Josh high after a concert!

After being without power in Connecticut for nearly a week prior to the concert, due to the strange October winter storm, I took refuge on Long Island by where I grew up. After going to so many concerts or shows when I was young (younger?) ;) at Nassau Coliseum, I was excited to see Josh there. And he did not disappoint!

Before this show I was able to go to my first “official” Grobie meet and greet and got my first goody bag. I had so much fun and was able to enjoy a meal and conversation with great people. I saw old friends and was lucky enough to make new ones. I also love how international we always are. Kay was there from Australia and Cathy was there from South Africa. How else could we get to meet such wonderful people from all around the world? Thank you again so much to everyone who worked on arranging this. It is clear that you put a lot of work into this, but please know what a wonderful time I had.

After the meet and greet I headed over to the VIP reception with Kay. It was great to be able to get to meet her in person. (In fact, I think I need a Grobie buddy from Australia for every future Josh Groban concert I go to LOL – okay Jo and Kay?). The reception was good and although I was full from just eating at the meet and greet for the buffet, they had really good food. We were very close to where the catering tables had been set up for the band and there was a see through curtain between us. We did not see any members of the band, but Darren poked his head through and came and got himself some food from the VIP table. Stacey called him a thief so he stopped and talked for a while.

I was sitting front row for this concert again, but this time I was in section A, so I was a little to the side of the stage. I enjoyed seeing the concert from a different angle. However, when I sat down I noticed the stairs GAPS was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! :)

ELEW was great as always and it was his manager’s brother’s birthday so he had everyone sing happy birthday. I am always so happy with how well the crowd responds to him because he completely deserves it! The man sitting behind me kept exclaiming, “Look at how he plays from inside the piano like a guitar! WOW!” Has ELEW been signing at recent concerts?

Megan convinced me to go to B stage for the beginning of the concert and she was right! I am so glad that I went back there. First of all, when Josh was at the edge, he was so close. Also, I love seeing people get Joshed. Megan and I were smiling and laughing at women who were not from FOJG and were ready to faint when they got so close. But my favorite reason for going back there is that my silly self got noticed. After Josh sang Changing Colors and was talking, he mentioned about the touching when he came out and butts (he used the a word) and grabbing. So I cheered and he looked right at me and said something along the lines of, “Well, you just wanna grab the whole thing!” and made a gesture around his derriere. Then he did a RAWR hand at me, which he did again later right before “You Are Loved.” I swear I’m sweet and innocent! ;) LOL

Josh had good humor throughout the show and seemed to be in much better health. I was so excited that he answered Stacey’s question, and what a great question it was!

In the goody bag from the concert were flags to wave during “War at Home.” I turned around briefly during that song and was amazed at the sea of flags I saw. It was very inspirational. You could tell the band noticed it as well.

When Josh returned to the B stage, we went back down there. Chris was there filming during “If I Walk Away.” I actually got to talk to him about his footage and video outside after the concert. Chris hung out with us while we were waiting by the barricades and had a few of us sign waivers that we agreed it was okay for our face to be used in the video. He was very nice!

I love the song “If I Walk Away,” but thought that it was first about a romantic relationship. However, after Illuminations was released, I remember someone posted on the boards, asking if it could be possible that the song was about Josh and his career. Well, after my conversation with Chris outside after the show, I think that may be the direction the video is taking. Since a lot of it will be Josh singing surrounded by his adoring fans from multiple concerts, it is a certain possibility. I like how songs can have multiple meanings.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Machine” dancing. It was a fun time and we looked great!

I didn’t know the people sitting next to me, but on my right was a mother with two daughters. We didn’t really get to talk because they came as the show started, but during the “You Raise Me Up” sing-a-long one of the girls grabbed me and started swaying and singing. It was fun and especially appreciated since I was sitting alone for this show. (Though the people immediately behind me were very nice and had actually sat with some of us at the meet and greet.)

As I mentioned when talking about Chris, Josh came out to sign after the show. Darren mentioned he was excited because his wife was going to come join the end of the tour on November 9. I was finally able to get my tour book signed by Josh, something I did not get over the summer, so I was psyched!

I may have left stuff out of this post. You all know how it is when we get Josh brained! Again though, I have to say what a wonderful time I had and I am so excited for the upcoming week with the Charity Gala the final US show at MSG! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Please let me know if you want to use any for anything because I can send them without tags. My pictures are at this link

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