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Sad Saturday

EstherT1's picture
on November 12, 2011 - 7:33pm

To all the Josh Groban Family...My many well wishes for a time that seems so uncertain. This journal has been a home to me and Josh eyes. Sometimes I wonder what this all meant to have been connected to many a fellow friends simply through a touch of a button. Will there ever be a time to gather and truly get to know people in person.

My next trek in life is simply to be there. I don't know how to explain the joy that Josh has brought in my life...To make one of such significance only to find oneself a pigment of an imagination alone in a world that seems to continue on.

Hopeful is out of my current dictionary of emotion today... Like a bout of sadness that has enveloped my life, I would have to chip away out of this shell. I supposed I'm tired of the glass computer and simply watching Josh on You Tube and a distant theater. I only wished to someday thank Him in person. For all times sake...

I know one day Josh would be more than a staple name but rather an icon of the Arts - Legendary! I can just see the many children growing up witht he company of their musical instruments thanking Josh for all that they have learned in life. Excellence of the Arts exalts the youths voices that outweights any obstacles this world encounter.

I can foresee a great production of work from Chris Groban and a theme of theatrics that fosters freedom of expression and creativity. There is healing in the arts that speaks beyond words. Like a mime whose movement far conveys emotion and concepts more than literal words.

Veil splits before our eyes to see the very stage of moving creativity, innovative stunts and artistic forms. There is freedom. Life is more than a game of emotion but a spiritual connection that stems from a vibrant stage while the audience sit back and crave the performance before them. Such intimacy is created from the one on stage to the multitude on the seats that yearns to be entertained. Dreams are projected by the audience as the stage moves and sounds abound. Flood of emotions gather in unison with each passionate performance on stage. What is it that truly captivates us...Is it the performance or is it the very projection of our minds thoughts, dreams, aspiration and craving for an expressive outlet or our bolted up emotions.

I should end right here...till then...It's time for me to drive again and feel the airs vibration speaking words of inspiration to a sad and lonesome soul...

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