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i have to gripe

lindyjean's picture
on November 16, 2011 - 6:07pm

not about josh, not about anything remotely related to this fan club.....

i have had a credit card with a major department store since i was 17--it was the first one i ever got, back in 1973. i have been a faithful customer at this store all these many years, never putting more than a couple hundred dollars at a time on my credit card, then paying it off, putting on a few dollars, then paying it off, and so on. after not having any charges on it for well over a year, last month, my HOG bought some things, and i paid off the balance this month.

the check was a day late. i got a bill for the late charge yesterday. i called customer service to ask if the fee could be waived, given my long history with them, and was told no. i'm not a hag when i deal with people--i know you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar---i asked to speak to a supervisor and the customer service rep sighed and said she wasn't going to tell me anything different, but i said i wanted to speak to one anyway. at least the supervisor was sympathetic, but told me that this was how they made their money in this bad economy---with fees and finance charges. and since i hadn't been buying anything from them with my credit card, i hadn't been helping things. i said i wanted to cancel my account right then and there, and she said she couldn't do that since i had a balance. i said i'd like to pay over the phone, and she said she'd have to charge me another almost nine dollars to do that. talk about exasperating!!! so, i just shot off a check to them and will cancel my account once the check clears my bank.

no wonder we buy more online get better customer service by NOT dealing with another human being......

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