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tis the season

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on November 28, 2011 - 2:29pm

so.....i come out to my car to head to work this morning, and no car stereo. it's gone...or rather, the faceplate for it is gone. other things are intact, although i can tell they've been rifled thru....and, the culprit left a quarter on my car seat---i'm guessing it fell out of a pocket. i was thinking, you idiot, the faceplate is useless without the part of the stereo that is bolted into the car! so i text my husband and go on to work.....

turns out, he also had his stereo taken, again, just the faceplate. no, we do not lock our cars. we live in a (previously) safe neighborhood, at the end of a cul-de-sac, and feel safe enough not to have to do so.

so, i call the sheriff...apparently, several houses around us were also hit last night, all for car stereos. nothing else. grab and run. which explains why they didn't take the bolted-in parts. the sheriff said he wondered if there was a market for only half a system.....

i'm so angry, and nowhere to put that anger. that's the worst part.

i was awakened suddenly last night at 3:18 AM---just yanked out of a dead sleep. I don't remember hearing anything to cause me to wake up, i just did. i thought it was just my inner clock---i had set two alarms on my phone, one for 2 AM and one for 2:20 AM---my son gets up at that time for work, and often falls back asleep, so i set alarms to make sure he gets up. my alarms did not go off. he told me that the alarms he set on his iphone also did not go off, but he was awakened by his regular alarm clock. this is strange.

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