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My October - London Josh Groban Concert

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on December 18, 2011 - 12:26pm

Hi everybody,

it's been quite a while since this concert happened now. Next week we'll be celebrating Christmas, but i did not have the time to stay quiet and type what i had written down on a notebook after the concert. I just did not want to forget how i felt after this experience.

First of all, for those who don't know me, i am from Malta (Europe) so to see Josh it means that i have to travel around. I have now seen him twice in action, both times in London since i have a generous friend who offered to keep me for a few days last year and also my uncle and aunt who always have me at their home with open arms.

So my day on the 11 th of October started normally, with a little breakfast, and we stayed home so that i would have been rested for the big day. Oh! by the way, a week before i received the wonderful news that i had won a Meet and Greet with Josh, imagine me reading this on an sms by a great Grobie friend (;) you know who you are!) at 7am in the morning before going to work!!! I literally screamed and scared my husband :D.

So, i wanted to make sure that i was fully there to absorb everything. i had a little nap, and when my mobile phone rang, i started to prepare for the big day, shower, hair.... oh gosh!! my hair straightener did not work because the socket was different than what we had in Malta, and the pins were too thin to make proper contact, so i had to do with what resulted in a non-perfect-looking-hair look, but it was ok on the whole. I was a bit panicked cause this has made me lose some precious time. i made sure i had my perfume on as well - Lol! better smell good!

So i arrived at Hammersmith Apollo at 3.45pm as i wanted to go to the UK grobies meet and greet and also to meet a friend who would have come with me to the M+G with Josh. Aaah right now remembering seeing the big sign reading "JOSH GROBAN" made me think "oh yes, i'm here, really". I had been waiting for 6 long months for this as i had booked flights and tickets way back in April 2011. I had been very lucky getting row 3 tickets during the FOJG presale. I met some other grobies there waiting for others and for the box office to open so that we pick our tickets. My friend was a little late so at 4pm when the box office was open i went ot pick up our tickets, i remember the exciting feeling of having them finally in my hands, it was becoming real. There was a little confusion since the personnel there were not very informed and did not have clear instructions about the meet and greet. However, tickets in hand and i continued to wait for my friend. she was there pretty soon, we exchanged small gifts and went to the UK meet and greet. i remember walking to the venue chosen, well i'm not very good at directions, but we made it. I tell you i can get lost very very easily! Haha! i always feel invalid when in a large country as i cannot travel alone, someone must accompany me!! Malta's very small and whatever way you go to you always find your way back somehow, it's not like that for me in London!

Well there i said my hellos, bought some jg related stuff, and had my meal. The UK grobies generously ordered our food earlier so that we could leave for the M+G without delay. It was really yummy!

My friend and me went then to the Hammersmith Apollo again and we were told to return within an hour, so we went to another place where some friends were meeting up. I usually talk to these friends on Twitter, so it was very nice to meet them all in one place, some of them i had met once before in November's BWB concert, some others no. We obviously exchanged little gifts and we had many photos taken together - i felt like a VIP on christmas day Lol! It was awesome! then back to the Hammersmith for the M+G. We went to the box office to pick up some labels. i remember the queue there was in front of the theatre, and everyone staring at us as we went there and back to enter next to the area that lead to the back-stage door. Lol! i could vouch that there were envious looks... but i did not care ;P - sorry it sounds mean but i was so very happy at the time, i'm sure you understand. Then we met Darren, who explained everything, we were allowed to give Josh gifts! - i only had a small hand made/cross stitched bookmark so it wasn't a problem to carry it. Then we went in. I was very excited and trembling. i remember watching him come out of the door, and thinking, i don't want this to be over... but i want to meet him! so when my turn was next my camera decided not to work. i then discovered i had hit the battery compartment door and it got unlocked, that's why it did not work!! my friend generously lent her camera for the memorable photo. When i went up to him, i felt unusually calm, i thought i wouldn't be able to speak, but i immediately started by saying hello and that i was very please to meet him, to which he politely replied that he was too. I told him i was his only maltese fan there, that i had seen him in November BWB's concert at the Union Chapel and that i had given him a honey set - he said he remembered but i don't think so. how can you remember so many persons? so i think he was just being himself, a very nice person :) then i gave him the bookmark i had made, it said thank you for the music (the word music wasn't written, it was a music stave with a treble clef and some notes on it), and he looked at it, he did really look at it saying "wow that's amazing" - silly me i forgot to tell him i made it but i was Josh-brain-dead at the time. At least i managed to speak :D I remember his large glasses and his locks on his forehead. I don't remember if i looked him in the face, i'm always a bit too shy in these occasions. I hope he keeps the bookmark as i meant really to thank him as through his music, i re-discovered my love for music and i restarted piano lessons after 10yrs of absence (it's never too late to learn, i'm enjoying it) i have also made so many great friends, even if just on the internet/twitter/fb/fojg, we're always there to give each other a helping word, and that's very nice. Then we had a photo taken, shook hands and off i went to queue for the concert. when people asked me outside in the queue and inside the hall how the m+g was, i was still in a daze, and they laughed :D.

The first thing when in the hall, i went to the merchandise desk, it was quite a task getting to the front to buy stuff. I also tried my luck as i posted a question for the Q+A, but i really thought that i had already my share of luck so i put it in there just in case. The concert was just amazing, words just cannot describe, we laughed, we danced, we sang, we clapped, we shouted and whooped. what do you want more in a concert? I had so much fun!! it's great when you're sitting to persons that share your same passion. The stage setting was brilliant as i think that everybody could get a good view. My seat was at the side but i could see very well just the same. The band was amazing, so many amazing wonderful musicians that gave us such a great performance, awesome as Josh says! and they had fun, you could really see them having fun on stage, as they clapped danced and smiled through the performance.

When the concert was over, i was interviewed by winkball outside the hall, which was also awesome :) (here's the link to the vid:- Then Josh came out near the busses and i managed to go through the crowd and have my programme signed. i have now 3 JG autographs, one that was sent to my by a friend on my birthday, , one by josh at the m+g on my ticket and the programme. then i said my goodbyes to everyone and headed back home, feeling thrilled, light headed and extremely happy telling the story to my uncle and aunt on the way :) Next time there is a concert, my aunt wants to come! i hope it'll be soon :)

I really want to thank everyone including all my friends, who made this event very special, and i mean all of them! they're all very special to me. I want to thank all the crew, the band and everyone involved in making such memorable events for us and of course last but not least, Josh, for getting us all together, for bringing his music to us, for making us feel as one, for sharing with us his talent, for amusing us and make us dream with his unique voice, for making us laugh with his funny stories :D

Thanks Josh, thanks friends, thanks everyone! i really can't forget all this, and i find myself wandering down memory lane quite often, even now that it's nearly christmas, i just hope that there will be many more countless numbers of times were we meet for such great and fun events!

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