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I have She-kens in my mind

EstherT1's picture
on January 25, 2012 - 1:15am

If I have 2 hours to write...I will write the Quail Story. These little quails are just in my head writing their story along with 5 other ones. I am still witing up the Heavenly inpiration that can set this world on fire one day. I wonder if Disney can hear my mind? They have many of my inspiration in their skits. It makes MMMeh very happy. I love the funny stories they come up with. I particularly like this Nanny named Jessie. It's like I love Lucy for teens.

The quail named Ninie is so sweet! She loves the Good Addie! It's a very hilarious story about this mixed up bird family making their way to Abbat Time before the Yenday birds get flocked by Moonjays and Cock ca tales! It's a story of redemption of the Yendays from the Olive tree!

Ninie goes, "if only they know the Good Addi...They would not be doig any of these! We must tell the truth! We can no longer hide our true colors and the blessing of Addie!

The birds write letters by dancing on the ground for Addie. The birds go to electric poles and lines for e-mails and eat build their nest with Zuzi marks by their coohdoors! They will be cooking warm wormy soups and sharing them with the pooh coohs and birds! They will go tot the Twinago to Twilloship and read the Tweerah! Twestimoney of Addies provision will be told along with the history of the Yenday and the Mark of Enday! The birds will be conversing with birds around the world to proclaim the Abbat time and the goo'nest of Addie to all the big and little flockers. They will listen to the Twilogy of Tweet TWars, Tails of Two Tweeties and teach in Tweesame! Ultimately they will stop the quillings and coohvetings of the ill informed birds. They will use the Coohmpass to teach the Goo-Goodness of Addie towards all cweatures. They will share their words, beatles and termites and drink grape juice. They will learn and teach the tweetness of the Good Addie and best of all give lovie-dovies.

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