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Looking back...

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on February 14, 2012 - 12:19am

By now, anyone who has read my journal stories and poems knows how Josh, through voice and song, has shown me the way out of sorrow... by writing about it in a positive way.

It is said to never look back, but I do not hold to that. Sometimes you have to look back in order to move forward. Josh gave me the strength and courage to look back through the darkness of pain and sorrow to see the warm glowing light of when I was happy and in love, truly in love, so many years ago. I miss the man I fell in love with... the caring loving man. Unfortunately, I was told that that man was an illusion of his own imagination, and the harsh and frightening reality was that a man who was the complete opposite dominated the man I loved.

And so, by looking back through time, I recall the moments before it all turned dark... loving moments in a time that felt real, and I wrote this poem about holding onto them.

Sands of time

Sands of time tend to blind
Dimming by the hour
Thoughts of you shine through my mind
To spark a light empowered

Warm breath upon my skin
Hearts beat in rhythm
As time stills within my soul
This is deeply given

Forever in my heart
Hands grace each other
Fingers twine, one at a time
As spirits soar to heaven

Sands of time turn to wine
Aging by the hour
Thoughts of you pour through my mind
And quench a thirst of power

Tender times left behind
Within this final hour
Time stills within my soul
Locked in your ivory tower

Forever in my heart
Dance with each other
Sands of time tend to bind
Within this final hour

Forever in my heart
Within this final hour
Within this final hour
Within this final hour

Copyright © 2012 JR: poem; "Sands of time" 2/2012

Lately, I have been reading so much sadness in the journals. And all I can suggest is that those who are stuck in a world of sorrow is to not only look forward while wrapped in the rich heartening voice of Josh and listen to the consoling messages in his songs; but also look back to the beginning, long before the devastation that haunts you to this day. Remind your heart and soul of the joy that once existed and you will begin to see brighter days.

As always, I thank Josh Groban for his comfort and guidance through his amazing talents and caring soul that has helped me so very much.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone ~ jan

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