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happy and sad

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on March 3, 2012 - 5:04pm

i bought a new car.....this makes me happy. but the payments make me sad.

the car was necessary---the transmission was quickly going out of the 2000 car i'd had since then. it's the same thing as what happened with my previous car, of the same make and model, but that lasted 214,000 miles, and this one, two years older, had only 152,000 miles....i am hard on cars...i do mostly city driving, so there is a lot of starting and stopping, braking and accelerating. we got the extended warranty even though the new car is a toyota, and they are remarkably reliable. but in eight years, i'll be retired and the extended warranty might be good to have.

we are practical, no-frills people, and we've always gotten pretty much the basic, this one we got is NOT a plain-jane edition, but has bells and whistles i've never had before....big tires, alloy wheels, a sunroof, special stereo, and other things. i'm really jazzed about the sunroof, believe me! i live near the beach, and it's high time i had a car that lets me take advantage of that.

we looked at a Prius V, but really did not want to spend that much, even though it's good for the environment, and with gas going up and up, it would have made sense, but the payments would have just been too much for me to feel comfortable....i like to have a little spending money to play with, for things like josh concerts and lunch with my friends, or some little trinket i see in a, while the prius would have been kinder to the planet, i'm pretty selfish in my old age, and i didn't want to give up my mad money. i'm married to a teacher, and as many of you know, that's not the profession you go into if you want to live in the lap of luxury, so, we have to budget.

anyway, i picked up my new Rav 4 yesterday afternoon, and today, the HOG drove it down to, my brand new car will come home with over 500 miles on it.....well, he's breaking it in, i guess. since it's another unseasonably warm weekend in California, i hope he's enjoying my sunroof! i would be!!!

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