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Josh Groban

EstherT1's picture
on March 4, 2012 - 4:23pm

No. 1 Album

I've been thinking about Josh Upcoming Album and movie gigs. I have a strong intuition that the Force of heavens is going to bring Josh name back up at One!

This morning this thought came into my mind about all the no. in order

My WAY! A song of Crucifixion!

One = Juan = Won = John (symbolizes a bird)
Two = to
Three = Tree (cross)
Four = For
Five = F (ather) I'v E
Six = S(suffered) I on X = Sick
Seven= See Ben ( Son)
Eight = Ate = 8 (infinity
Nine = N (ahash = snake) In E = 9=6= no. of man
Ten = T(cross) En

It would take a shift in the mind of media to recognize what we always had in the first place.

There is always victory for those who pay attention to the truth and numbers.

Random revelations any child can learn

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