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Oprah??? are you there???

lindyjean's picture
on March 26, 2012 - 5:47pm

i bought a new car three weeks ago. I've been driving it around, keeping it as pristine as possible, but on saturday, i thought i'd better put things into it that i always carried in my previous car---maps, jumper cables, pens, etc--you know what i mean.

i had the back door open and noticed something sticking out from under the driver's side. i pulled out this 8-inch-long strip of plexiglass and attached to the end was another car key---same as mine, with the electronic door opener and such---there was also a little paper tag with the vehicle ID number and description, but it was not for MY car---it was for a totally different car with a different color, in other words, it does not go to my car.

i had to go back to the dealer today to complete some DMV paperwork, and brought this orphaned key with me. i asked the saleswoman if this was like the Oprah show---when she puts a key under your seat, you get to keep the car that the key goes to. she laughed and said, "wouldn't THAT be nice" but shook her head. I was hoping i'd walk out with another new car (and one that is nicer than the model i bought!), but such luck. no Oprah jumping out from behind a wall and surprising me.....darn!

what gets me is, this key and the piece of plexiglass it's attached to is big, like something you would get if you asked a gas station attendant to use their locked bathroom. it's not like it's just a key all by its lonesome, dropped and unknowingly kicked under my car's seat. if you dropped it, you'd see it, and if you dropped it on your feet, you'd feel it, too. i'm left wondering how the heck it got under my seat in the first place....

my car had been brought from another dealer in another part of the state, and the paper key tag on the orphaned key was not from my local dealer, so it must have come from the same dealer as my car.....and could have been under the seat for months....i'll never know......

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