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Sweeney's Tweeter

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on May 3, 2012 - 1:00pm

Mourning the deletion of the Sweeney's Tweeter twitter account.

Josh made a casual comment about finding it creepy that someone was tweeting for his dog. Whoever did the Sweeney's Tweeter twitter account did not want to creep Josh out and deleted the account.

This is *really* sad. Maybe Josh was creeped out by that account, but I certainly was not. Whoever was doing that account was very funny, warm, creative, not at all malicious, and totally respectful of Josh. It was not a stalker account. This account had over a thousand followers and it was very well done and entertaining.

Josh has previously said that, on talk shows, he says the first thing that comes into his head. I'm sure that was the case here. I'm sure he did not think about the over a thousand followers who would be heartbroken if that account were deleted. I wish the Sweeney's Tweeter person would not have acted so hastily in deleting the account.

The even sadder thing is that we don't even know who was behind the account. We don't have any way of asking this person to change his or her mind. I"m thinking it was a her, because the tone sounded female to me -- and most of the really active Grobanites on twitter *are* women -- so I"m just going to say "her" for convenience. Other people are calling this person a "him," because Sweeney is male -- but we just don't know.

Even supposing we could convince Josh to change his mind about this, even Josh cannot necessarily ask this person to change her mind.

I gather that these journals are actually visible outside, so I can only hope that this person, whoever she is, will see my post here and maybe rethink this before someone else takes over that twitter ID and does something decidedly less tasteful.

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